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Cobra adjustable

Concealed shutter stopper with adjustable panel opening

Configure the product selecting the features according to your needs

R chamber (18 mm groove)
  • European chamber
  • European chamber centred grooves
  • European chamber centred grooves depth System 1
  • European chamber decentred grooves
  • R chamber (18 mm groove)
  • 16.5 groove
  • 18 groove
  • 19.5 groove
  • Domal Spider
  • Grifell Pons 10679
  • Grifell Pons 60869
  • Ekip 40 overlap
  • 6 groove
  • 11.8 groove
  • Without groove
  • 13.5 groove
  • Oval cylinder
  • Shaped cylinder
  • European chamber with frame without wing
  • European chamber with decentred grooves and frame without wing
  • 16.5 lowered groove
  • Flush
  • 18 mm overlap
  • Cava 12 ad infilare
  • Left
  • Right
  • Pair
  • Both right and left
Cod. 099994545201
€19.50 Unit price (VAT incl.)

Manufacturer: Esinplast

Shutter stopper for aluminium louvre and panelled shutters with frame that locks the panel in 6 different opening positions between 90° and 160°.

The system is "concealed" once the panel is closed and is easy to use, as there is no need to lean out to lock and unlock the device.

Cobra adjustable is supplied in kits in the right-hand and left-hand versions (the direction varies based on the opening of the panel from inside the room) for profiles with R40 chamber (18 mm groove width) or European chamber (20 mm groove width), both centred and decentred.

This system can be applied, with a few simple adjustments, both on installed window frames and on bare surfaces.

The panels to which it is applied must be wider than 400 mm – an essential requirement for the system to work.

To install the system, it is not necessary to intervene directly on the building envelope.

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