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Double-panel kit

Locking kit for double-panel window

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European chamber
  • European chamber
  • European chamber centred grooves
  • European chamber centred grooves depth System 1
  • European chamber decentred grooves
  • R chamber (18 mm groove)
  • 16.5 groove
  • 18 groove
  • 19.5 groove
  • Domal Spider
  • Grifell Pons 10679
  • Grifell Pons 60869
  • Ekip 40 overlap
  • 6 groove
  • 11.8 groove
  • Without groove
  • 13.5 groove
  • Oval cylinder
  • Shaped cylinder
  • European chamber with frame without wing
  • European chamber with decentred grooves and frame without wing
  • 16.5 lowered groove
  • Flush
  • 18 mm overlap
  • Cava 12 ad infilare
Cod. 099992818001
€17.80 Unit price (VAT incl.)

Manufacturer: Esinplast

Kit including accessories suitable for locking the two panels in a system mounting profiles with European chamber (20 mm groove width). Besides the slide bolts, the kit also includes the strikes and blocks for the cremone handle. The strikes are the elements that receive the slide bolt pins to lock the panels, while the blocks are used to connect the cremone handle to the rod end pieces through the manoeuvring rods (not included in the kit).

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