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Scarabeo for aluminium window frames

Opening/closing system for aluminium bottom-hung windows

Cod. 099992953001
€45.50 Unit price (VAT incl.)

Manufacturer: Esinplast

Automatic opening/closing system for bottom-hung windows suitable for aluminium frames. It can be opened to ventilate the room by pulling the control cord which can be placed to the right or left.

This highly innovative system by Esinplast comes with a special bracket to allow for optimal opening of the bottom-hung window and preserve frame hinges over time.

Scarabeo can be used on frames where sashes have an internal height exceeding 320 mm, with a space above the sash closing level greater than 25 mm.

It can be applied to any bottom-hung aluminium window with European chamber (20 mm hardware groove) or R40 chamber (18 mm groove).

The system can also be installed on new rounded profiles using appropriate spacers.

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