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Super Top Grillo

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Cod. 099993000001
€6.90 Unit price (VAT incl.)

Manufacturer: Esinplast

Locking system for shutters with panel slot adjustable to between minimum 44 mm and maximum 60 mm, available with various lengths for the fixing screws.

Super Top Grillo is the original shutter stopper by Esinplast. It is fully automatic when locking the shutter, which must be simply pushed towards the shutter stopper, while the appropriate lever must be used to unlock it.

Made entirely of thermoplastic material to prevent rust from forming, it has been tested to guarantee high resistance to weathering and continuous shutter opening and closing movements. It can be applied to all aluminium, PVC, iron and wooden frames.

This system is available in the version with shock absorber and/or with extended anchor bolt; the former, besides cushioning the panel closing movement, eliminates the clearance and any noises between the panel and the shutter stopper, while the version with extended anchor bolt allows for increasing the height of the part of the shutter stopper that holds the panel during the locking phase.

Super Top Grillo can be easily mounted by drilling a 10 mm hole to insert the anchor bolt for screwing in the shutter stopper.

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