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Grillo, the automatic shutter stopper that has become the market standard

Grillo is the automatic shutter stopper by Esinplast, which has become a sector standard.

The innovation introduced by the product allows to lock the shutter panel
by simply pushing it towards the shutter stopper which closes to lock it, so that there is no need to
lean out, as is the case with manual shutter stoppers.

Tested to guarantee high resistance to all atmospheric agents and continuous shutter opening and closing
movements, it is made entirely of thermoplastic material which prevents rust from forming.

Moreover, it is easy to install as it only requires drilling a hole
in the building envelope to insert the anchor bolt that fastens the device.

Available with screws of different lengths for fastening, Grillo is also available in the version
with shock absorber and/or with extended anchor bolt; the former, besides cushioning the panel’s
closing movement, eliminates the clearance and any noises between the panel and Grillo, while the
version with extended anchor bolt allows for increasing the height of the part
of the shutter stopper that holds the panel during the locking phase.

By applying the specific anchor bolt, Grillo can be easily applied also on walls covered with a
thermal wall.

The Grillo family is made up of three models: Top, Midi and Maxi that differ for the
size of the hinged panel that they can lock.

  • Super Top Grillo: panel slot adjustable to between minimum 44 mm and maximum 60 mm)
  • Super Midi Grillo: panel slot adjustable to between minimum 85 mm and maximum 101 mm
  • Super Maxi Grillo: panel slot adjustable to between minimum 109 mm and maximum 125 mm

Grillo can be applied to any type of window frame, regardless of the material with which it is
made (wood, PVC, aluminium, etc.).